CONTENTS : IGAKU TOSHOKAN. Vol.49 No.3 (Sep 2002)


Message from the New JMLA President
Yoshiyuki ITO 201
Editorial Desk 203
My Recommendation : Convenient Goods 205
From Member Libraries
Osaka University of Health and Sport Sciences Library
Yoshiyuki ITO 210
News 212
Feature : How to Maintain a Library Collection?
Report on a Questionnaire Survey on the Maintenance of a Library Collection
Yukari OZAWA 216
Collection Maintenance by Weeding Depreciated Resources
Ikuko OSHIDA 233
Circumstances of Removal from Register Materials in the Asahi University Library
Yukiko HIGUCHI 240
Cooperative Acquisition and Preservation in the Kanto Region of Japan
Report of the Committee on Preservation and Conservation of Medical Journals by the Kanto Medical Library Association
Akio UNO 249
Present Status and Future Development of Medical School Library Web Page Services in Japan and China
ZHOU Jianxin 253
Case Report
Automatic Input of the Results of Information Searches onto Interlibrary Loan Request Application Forms
Misae KATAOKA 264
Electronic Journal Management as a Source of Revenue from E-Mail Account Registrants : Example of Tokyo Medical and Dental University Library
Yasushi ISHII 269
Who is the True End User of a Health Science Library?
Harumi OIKAWA 274
Organization and Yearly Schedule of JMLA 276
On the Spot 278
Product Review 282
Book Reviews 284
Journal Club 286
JMLA News 292