CONTENTS : IGAKU TOSHOKAN. Vol.49 No.4 (Dec 2002)


Letter to the Editor 295
Editorial Desk 297
My Favorite Website 300
From Member Libraries
Medical Information Center & Library, Aichi Medical University
Masayoshi TSUBOUCHI 305
News 307
Feature : Medical Information
What is Medical Informatics?
Ryoichi WATANABE 311
Present Situations and Problems of Medical Publications in Medical Publishing Companies
Makoto YOKOI 317
Current Issues Regarding Open Archives
Shigeru MATSUSHITA 326
Collection of Conference Proceedings Acquired by the International Medical Information Center (IMIC)
Hideyuki MIYAAKI 334
Clinical Practice Guideline
Mariko HIRAWA 340
Collecting and Selecting Health Care Information on the Web
Hitomi SHIMAZAKI 349
Interface between Medical Informatics and Heartfelt Medicine : What Do Clinicians Require and Expect of Medical Informatics and Medical Libraries ?
Makoto Mochizuki 353
Case Report
The “Classics of Japanese Medicine Project” Starts at U.S .National Library of Medicine(NLM)
Yoshiko GOTOH DOHERTY, Shizu SAKAI 364
Report of the 73rd Japan Medical Library Association Meeting
Noriko KOBAYASHI 368
Report on the 9th Basic Committee Workshop
Hitoshi YOMODA 372
Health Information Needs of Japanese Public : A Questionnaire Survey
(Fujimi KAWAI, Aiko EGUCHI, Noriko USHIZAWA, Naoko SUWABE, Mitsuko MASHIMO, Atsuko MUKAIDA, Naohiko YAMAGUCHI 376
Report on the 19th Meeting on Medical Information Services
Junko TABIKI 383
On the Spot 392
Book Reviews 396
Journal Club 399
JMLA News 405