CONTENTS : IGAKU TOSHOKAN. Vol.50 No.2 (Jun 2003)


Letter to the Editor 99
The National Medical Library(tentative name) 102
From Member Libraries
Shizuoka Cancer Center Medical Library
Mutsumi YAMAZAKI 109
News 111
Medical Library Association’s Professional Development and Gredentialing Program
Yukiko SAKAI 115
Case Reports
Public Access to the Research Activity Database in the University Network
Natsuko MORITA 126
Introducing the Database for the Academic Achievements of Keio University School of Medicine : the New Role of the Medical Library
Naoko KAWASAKI 131
Development of a Researcher Support Database
Toshio SHIRAKI 137
Information Retrieval Instruction in Problem-Based Learning, Collaboration with Faculty Members
Michiko NOMURA, Haruko KOBAYASHI, Masayoshi TSUBOUCHI, Hiroaki ANDO 141
Development of Library Use Education Supporting the Lessons
Yoko OKAWA 147
Effect of Librarian Attendance at EBM Workshops at the University Graduate School of Medicine
Tetsuya KODANAKA, Takeo NAKAYAMA, Shunichi FUKUHARA 150
History of Foreign Medical Journal Share Purchasing in the Japan Medical Library Association
Masaaki TONOSAKI 155
Current Status of Japanese Copyright Issues
Shigeru MATSUSHITA 165
The Function of University Libraries and Paradigm Change in the Chain of Production, Circulation, and Consumption of Scientific Information
Katsuichi KITA 171
A Report on Outreach Services of the Web of Science Guidance
Yasushi ISHII 176
On the Spot 181
Q&A 186
Book Review 188
Journal Club 189
JMLA News 194
Editorial Desk 196