CONTENTS : IGAKU TOSHOKAN. Vol.50 No.3 (Sep 2003)


Letter to the Editor 199
One Week in the Periodicals Department 201
From Member Libraries
Library, Shiga University of Medical Science
Masataka UEHARA 210
News 212
Features : Electronic Journal
Impact of Electronic Journals on the Library Service
Haruko KOBAYASHI, Masayoshi TSUBOUCHI 218
Progress in Literature Retrieval Methods and Appearance of Full Text Electronic Journals
Hirosato KIKUCHI 226
Use of an Online Journal Website
Masahisa FUJITA 230
Report on a Questionnaire Survey on the Electronic Journal
Editorial Staff 232
Information Needs of Physicians
Shinichi ABE, Kazuo URATA 252
Case Reports
Providing Consumer Health Information Service at Queens Borough Public Library
Noriko SUGIE 260
Evaluation of the Library WWW Site: From the Analysis of Access Logs
Junya ABE 268
Installation of the Card-Operated Entrance Control System at Nippon Medical School Central Library
Haruko ASAKURA 273
Report of the MLA 2003 in San Diego
Kozue SAWADA 278
Organization and Yearly Schedule of JMLA 281
On the Spot 283
Q&A 288
Book Reviews 291
Journal Club 293
JMLA News 298
Editorial Desk 300