CONTENTS : IGAKU TOSHOKAN. Vol.51 No.1 (Mar 2004)


Letter to the Editor 1
One Week in a network control office 3
From Member Libraries
Library, Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine
Makiko HIRATA 8
News 10
Features : Fifty Years of “Igaku Toshokan”
The birth and growth of Igaku Toshokan, the official publication of the JMLA
Yoshinari TSUDA 16
Remembrance: Igaku Toshokan, Union list of medical periodicals, Medical Subject Headings; English -Japanese edition
Igaku toshokan, 1981-1986 : the days of 5ICML
Nobuko TAKANO 23
Remembering the days of the editor-in chief of the Igaku Toshokan
Shigeaki YAMAZAKI 27
Readers inquiry report in commemoration of 50th volume of Igaku Toshokan
Asako TOMITA 31
The Medical Information Network Distribution Service (Minds): an information service for clinical practice guidelines
Toshihiko SATOH 47
Evaluation criteria for selecting clinical studies for developing clinical practice guidelines and the Medical Information Network Distribution Service (Minds)
Toshio MORIZANE 51
Report of the 10th Continuing Education Course and Workshop for Medical Librarians
Rechiko NAKAHARA 57
Report on the 10th Basic Committee Workshop
Kenichi NAGAHIRO 60
Report on the 5th Library Fair forum “In Search of New Scientific Communication-Scholarly Journal” 62
Report on INFORUM2003, held by the Japan Science and Technology Agency 65
Report on the 54th Duplicated Journals Exchange Program
Yuko AOKI 67
On the Spot 70
Book Reviews 75
Journal Club 77
JMLA News 81
Editorial Desk 83
Information for Authors 86