CONTENTS : IGAKU TOSHOKAN. Vol.51 No.3 (Sep 2004)


Letter to the Editor 189
  Days in a paramedical vocational school library  190
From Member Libraries
  Osaka Medical College Library
  Toshiaki FUKUHIRO 194
News 196
  Model Core Curriculum
  Tatsuo SATO 200
  Some suggestions for the cataloging and management of multimedia materials
  Toshiyuki NARITA 203
  Establishment of a credentials program in the Japan Medical Library Association : JMLA Health Sciences Information Professionals (JHIP)
  Committee of Education and Research, NPO Japan Medical Library Association 210
Feature: Database
  Development of an efficient MEDLINE search strategy : a review of overseas literature
  Shinichi ABE 221
  Web of Science
  Noriko USHIZAWA 230
  Availability of DialogWeb at the Nippon Medical School Library
  Aya OHNO 234
  MICROMEDEXR Healthcare Series
  Shizuka YAMAZAKI, Yusuke TANIGAWARA 239
  EBSCOhost Biomedical Reference Collection: a full-text database
  Tadashi KODAMA 243
  Use of MD Consult at Kansai Medical University
  Noriko SAWA 248
  E-Contents Management at Sapporo Medical University Library: experience with MetaLib/SFX
  Minoru KONNO 254
  Yusuke KAGAMI 261
Special Feature: In memory of the establishment of the NPO Japan Medical Library Association
  Corporationizing and its activity of the Japan Medical Library Association
  Masaaki TONOSAKI 266
  Expectations for the JMLA
  Hiroshi KIMURA 271
  Sectional meeting on foreign journals
  Yoshiko Ito 272
  Sectional meeting on interlibrary loans and copyrights, including e-journals
  Kitsuko SHIOMI 274
  Sectional meeting on the availability of medical information for patients
  Kenichi FUKUI 276
  Sectional meeting on the integration of libraries and information centers
  Yoshitomo MATSUBARA 278
  Sectional meeting on the “National Medical Library”
  Yasuko FUJISAWA 280
  Privatization of universities around the world and the effect on national universities and their medical libraries
  Masako KITAGAWA 282
Organization and Yearly Schedule of JMLA 284
Book Reviews 286
Journal Club 290
JMLA News 294
Editorial Desk 296