CONTENTS : IGAKU TOSHOKAN. Vol.51 No.4 (Dec 2004)


Letter to the Editor 301
One Week of a Webmaster 302
From Member Libraries
Keio University Library of Nursing and Medical Care
Mieko MITANI 308
News 310
Clinical Clerkship
Yoshifumi ABE 313
Feature: Health Information Services
Review of Consumer Health Information Services in Japan
Isao NARAOKA 317
Medical Information Service for Patients in USA and European Countries
Medical Information Service for the Patients and Their Families in a General Hospital: A Case Report
Harumi OIKAWA 334
Providing Information that Meets the Real Needs of Patients at a Patients’ Information Area
Yoshiko TSUJIMOTO 338
Health Information Service in the Tokyo Metropolitan Central Library
Yasuko NAKAYAMA 342
Patient Information Service in the Japan Hospital Library Association “with Publishing Patient Information Service Manual”
Machiko YOSHITOMI, Yumiko ARITA, Yukiko OONUMA, Sumie SHINOHARA 345
Japan Hospital Patients Library Association
Japan Association of Consumer Health Information Service
Machiko YAMAMURO 349
Users Need a Wide Spectrum of Assistance : from Providing Basic Medical Knowledge to Searching for Reference
Yasuyo ASANO 351
Patients Ask for and Offer Medical Information
Mariko KURIYAMA 353
A Librarian was Suddenly Sent to Hospital and Felt Things
Hiroko HIRAKAWA 355
Impact of Corrected Papers Appearing in The New England Journal of Medicine
Atsuko MUKAIDA 357
Analysis and Evaluation of Japanese Medical Books which Contain the words “Evidence-based Medicine” in Their Titles
Naoko SUWABE 363
Case Report
The Agreement about Mutual Cooperation of Kyoto University Medical Library and Library of Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine
Masako KITAGAWA 368
Report of the 75th Annual Meeting of NPO the Japan Medical Library Association
Yumiko OGAWA 373
Report of the 11th Basic Committee Workshop
Emiko KOJIMA 377
Report of the 21st Meeting on Medical Information Services
Tadashi KODAMA 381
Q&A 387
Book Reviews 389
Journal Club 390
JMLA News 395
Editorial Desk 398